When in Nabunturan: Tea Barrel

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How do you stand out when the scene has been saturated with the same players? The Nabunturan Food Scene has been thriving. There were food houses to choose from; if you want Chinese there's the Mandarin Tea Garden, and if you want chicken inasal there's Mang Inasal,  and if you want homemade chicken noodle soup and rice cakes there is Bulakena Food House, and if you scour the whole Poblacion area, it's a mixed and match of pizza, chicken barbeques, pork liempo, home-cooked meals, tasty bread, cakes, burgers, fries, and street food and milk teas.

But what makes it more exciting is that Nabunturanon has allowed themselves to open their own palate to new flavors, it started with Cafe NoventaCreativitea, Sweet Seoul, Enrico's, Yangyang's Kapehan then Bad Monkeys. Yes, we also need to acknowledge the existence of Vina Bai, and Sanitary Restaurant, the bulalo and balbacuas of Abucayons, and the homemade viands from Gina's Lechon House, the food at Humol's or the Twin sisters food stall near the Municipal Gym, the ALS View Sugba-Sugba, the bibingkas of New Sibonga. But don't forget the lechons and lyurots during Simballay Festivals. 

And this year, Nabunturan is now home to a new milk tea shop, the Tea Barrel, a Tagum-based milk tea shop that opened last year. Tea Barrel Nabunturan is now their fourth branch, after Panabo and Tibal-og. Here in Nabunturan, the shop is located at Purok 6, Poblacion few meters away from Cinematheque Nabunturan. We were fortunate enough to be invited together with one of the Binibing Nabunturan Kate Antonio to share about the place. And to welcome them to the Nabunturan Food Scene, we played dress up, glammed up Kate had a fun shoot which will be a separate post from this one.

Tea Barrel uses premium milk tea made from freshly brewed tea leaves with imported ingredients from Taiwan for a unique milk tea experience that is NATURALLY ADDICTIVE!

If you want to know more about their place and their flavors you may check their Facebook pages:

To order you can call/text them at 09454390762.

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