Project: Tea Barrel X Kate Antonio

9:10:00 PM

It's different when it came out of the planned mood boards, especially if you get so specific in terms of getting everything to look like out of a magazine. But even if it looks different in how you imagine it there is beauty when the final look comes different from what you expected it to be.

1. Outfit.

The first creative problem we come up with during the shoot is: "What does a "Tea Barrel girl" look like, a Nabunturanon Tea Barrel girl in particular? What does she wear? The whole process took us to contact Deo Hannah of Binibining Nabunturan Batch 2014 who has the biggest and the kindest heart who have allowed us to borrow a dress from her Hannah's Boutique, a black and red up shoulder dress with flower prints. 
2. Makeup 
Macky decided to gave Kate green eyeshadow a homage to Cleopatra, a fierce Egyptian queen. Kate's eyebrows were drawn with a lighter shade of brown pencil just to give shape to her brows. Macky went for a sultry look to give a twist on a modern girl from the barrio. 

3. The Photo Layout

We did a reshoot with William, we went for "a girl who is not afraid to be going out all by herself" rather than the "waiting for the one" photoshoot. 
So if you want to look for the final photographs you may visit the Binibining Nabunturan Facebook fan page

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