When in Nabunturan: Yangyang's Kapehan at Kamayan

10:00:00 AM

Opened last December 21, 2016,  Yangyang's Kapehan and Kamayan is a family owned business that served pasta, milkshake, rice topping, barbeque and a lot more. It's located beside Dr Calamba's residence. It's only few walks away from Creativitea.

The whole area gives you the homey feeling while gulping your beer and munching big chunks of barbeque that's marinated well. They even served rice sprinkled with finely chopped parsley. Their water is infused. The staffs are friendly.

Yangyang's Kapehan at Kamayan is a new addition to Nabunturan's spots that will lighten up your mood. Last night was my third time to be in the place and I tell you it is worth coming back.

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