Gratitude Friday: Doughnuts, Free Tickets and Labor of Love

11:11:00 AM

Another week has finally ended and the best way to celebrate it is to remind one's self of the things, experiences and lessons learned that happened during the week. I completed an almost six meters of weave last Thursday and together with the completion I was able to somehow extract an insights on dedicating my time on weaving.

Labor of love. No matter how hard or impossible it is to do, you do it for no apparent reasons at all. You ended up liking it.

Doughnuts. My mom bought Derek Ramsey's doughnut. I just turned into a happy kid. 
(Trivia about doughnuts)

Direct messages in instagram and mentions at twitter. Text messages from former room mate, and students. Honestly, I miss this guys. Going back to the place where I was working turned back into a luxury. 

Playing with brush, inks, pens and lots of recycled paper. Planning to create a journal with an abaca cover.

Free tickets from Pusong Juan concert. I did not finished the whole 'priest concert' but I find it good, I love how the audio and the lighting set up. I wish the Bamboo concert was held inside that gym.

Weaving completed. Here's what I've learned about handicrafts: Bargaining for handmade crafts is an insult for artisan who created it, because those masterpiece are the results of time, opportunities missed while doing the craft, and effort that requires to endure painstaking repetitive processes. So whenever you think of bargaining a handicraft price, think again, you just devalue an artisan's T.O.E.  Buying a handicraft is like buying an artisan's toe.

So here are some of what made me grateful for the passing week. Have you listed yours?

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