Life in Still: Instagram Rejects

1:42:00 PM

Morose, instead of very sad, I guess it is what I felt at the moment. But looking back, it was a good thing that I was able to peel things off. I have a heavy heart that I tried pouring it out however it was unsuccessful. Looking at the photographs I put off for instagram, I was amazed how these pictures represented so much of my thoughts and emotions but decided to keep it away from other’s eyes because I thought it was best to just set it aside. But these memories bring smiles and heart aches, and for it to be expressed at this moment, I think it will be great, to shell everything out.

My colleague at work asked my assistance to create an okra costume for her niece

an afternoon sky waiting

Started a self project, reminded me of so many things about setting up your priorities.

So much fun and inspiring sojourn, I wrote something about it here.

Best Cookie in Montevista

We went to the place where this ring is.

I don't know the name of this plant but it is planted at the tower of light.

Reminded me of hope and realized dreams.

another plant under the the tower of hope.

As One shooting

proud moment

Second to the last day ride to Compostela

Last day shoot

Last Shooting Day sunset, but posted this one.

An ode to  National Heroes Day

Nabifilmex Reload at Baranggay Sta. Maria

Nabifilmex Reload at Mainit National High School

Stress Eating.

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