Gratitude Friday: Busy days and DVD marathons

1:02:00 PM

Another late gratitude Friday list.The whole week has been busy, that I was not able to look  deeper on how the passing days had made me thankful. However, my creative efforts have been bugging me out of my mind. Inspiration hit like lightning without its partner. So short with no substance, just a ray of light passing so fast. Fast forward to list here are the things that I'm thankful for the week:

Frequent visits by our niece. Whenever my sister comes home from their or they have the chance to go around the market they would find away the house and look for mom.

Opportunities knocking. Got an interview for this week, I hope we all got in.

Wearing an old pair of jeans, which has been battered for too long. The jeans have been a witness of how I've been losing weights for the last 3 years; it has been a joyful experience wearing it back because I think I am gaining back the few pounds I have lost.

Text message exchange from a friend.

Afternoon DVD marathon.

Wearing new shorts. It's color green and I love it.

Knowing that there are people who are busy, who reaches out.

Instagram, has been a marvelous social network, inspiration in an instant, a remedy for boredom.

6 o'clock brownouts. Appreciating the silence cause by not having electricity. Hearing cricket humming, no loud karaoke from neighbors.

Seeing newly made product from abaca cloth. I feel excitement rush, I know the product is not for my perusal but looking at such skillful workmanship always remind me that to be good at what you do, you must always create.

Framing brush lettering work. Seeing it framed feels like you are a legit artisan. I wish I could sell some. I hope.

Brush lettering. Whenever I stroke the brush, there this overwhelming desire to write thank you, that I ended up with writing "salamat ng marami" or "maraming salamat", Filipino phrases for thank you.

I'm a bit excited, I'm getting the point what it means to choose yourself. I know it's been an off topic from the whole gratitude Friday list but I'm now getting the whole point, and it is up to me how to bring it up to whole new perspective. Blogging anyone?

Anyway, have you look back on how the week have been blessing you with so much you love you receive. If not, try to breathe, it all make sense. Happy weekend. 

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