Personal: An Almost Gratitude Friday

12:31:00 AM

I cannot remember the last time I created a gratitude list. In this journal I was able to coin such as Gratitude Fridays, listing down things that made me grateful in a certain week and post the list on a Friday. I found myself going back to such activity for there were certain ups and downs that I did experience and writing it somewhere in the cyberspace as a mind breather activity helps.  

Today’s 31st but it is the last day of January 2021, I felt lost and maybe looking into the things that I am thankful and writing it down might help in easing the “feeling lost” emotion. So here are some of the the things that made this list an almost gratitude Friday.

  • Meeting Ma’am Harry, Ate Donna, Judyland and Frenny Given, for the first time this January.
  • Collaboration with local youth development for Panag-ambit, a National Arts Month Celebration for our town.
  • Coming out of home quarantine.
  • Hearing a DJ greeting you on air also greeting your mom.
  • Helping co-teacher on the things they can develop.
  • Virtual Meeting together with Microsoft Education Ambassadors of the Region XI, being tapped to do another task related to that meeting.
  • Rain, for cuddle weather during work from home schedules.
  • Watching students’ submission for their final outputs. Getting excited to receive submission from them.
  • Brewing two school-related activities.  
  • Eating singkamas.

  • Walking the main streets of Poblacion.  
  • Almost completing this list. 

Endorsing milk teas.

I guess. I do not know, I just felt that it is contrived in a sense that I felt I am not that of an influencer type of person, I never dreamed of becoming the Nabunturan version of Jane Aldridge of the Sea of Shoes or TriciaGosingtian, I just love the idea of sharing, not because of earning perks but for the sake of telling stories. Influencers are tapped because they have different ways of telling stories and that is what I like about influencers, they have stories to tell

This was supposed to be a gratitude journal post but it turned out something way more different than I expected but the thing is I love the eventualities of my life for this month and that was important. February here I come.


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