Personal: Of closures and full circles

12:45:00 PM

There are so many things that had happened to me in the first two months of this year, and I felt compelled to write this down so that as I go and make another reflections in the coming years or months I would be able to wander with wonder, how fascinating these experiences are for me.

I've already talked about these stuffs here and it dawn on me that I was so obsessed with silly things that have been preventing me from growing maturely, as a person and as human being. I never realized it until now. It was frustrating for me, as I see the light with clarity that at some points where the joy and the invalidities of memories, versions existed, I, myself was so blind to see that they were red flags. 

But as this year's February close, I'm closing circles and letting assumed situations go, as I chose not to include them to cloud my mind.

I validated my artistry through Pukot sa Pangandoy, an installation art that aims to create a platform for the discussion of dreams.

I had closures with my obsession with Tatadaem and Chito Samontina's presumed love team. 

I dyed my hair to the most shocking purple shade.

I'm validating the hurt, allowed myself to recuperate, by loving things which are not necessarily connected to the daily dallies of my life.

I came in with closures and full circles with things.

As I came into realizations, that at some point, I was and will become.

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