Pukot sa Pangandoy

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Art is sustenance, says Ethan Hawke in his Ted talk entitled, Give yourself permission to be creative I never considered myself artist. The only thing, I am artistically inclined to was developed a love for photography and the art of handwriting. Others artistic skills like singing or dancing was abandoned because of 1, I messed up trying out for a school choir during my younger years at Nabunturan Central Elementary School or 2, they don't need another loud gay kid in the production. 

Anyhow, I started loving the graphic arts and web coding, but what made me choose not to develop more of my creative artistic skills was because of series of experiences that invalidates me as an artist. but we will not discuss that experiences. I will share what transpired to push me to decided to create this installation art entitled, Pukot sa Pangandoy. 

It really stemmed from the different articles that I've been reading since, and it was in this year January that it piqued my interest to push through with this project when Philstar wrote about Dreamless Pinoy.

Pukot sa Pangandoy, again, is an installation art that aims to be a platform for the discussion about dreams. This interactive installation art is anchored on a study done by the Dream Project PH that stated 8 out of 10 Filipino Teenagers don't have dreams.

It is said that an aspiration is a core value of successful people, but having a society with collective aspiration will surely build a nation into greatness. According to a nine-year study that was done by Dream Project PH, 8 out of 10 Filipino teenagers don’t have dreams. It was also stated that one of the five reasons why these teenagers don’t have dreams is the “lack of conversation” about dreams. (https://www.philstar.com/business/2022/01/14/2153698/dreamless-pinoys/amp/) This becomes an alarming issue that involves a generation that has the power to either make or break the civilization’s future. 

In this year’s “Sining ng Pag-asa”, one of its highlights is the “Pukot sa Pangandoy” by Richard Arellano. This installation art explores the idea of starting the conversation about dreams and aspirations, Pukot sa Pangandoy aims to spark discussion not only for the youth but for the Nabunturanons as a whole.
Share your dreams with us: https://bit.ly/pukotsapangandoy

So, that is it for my installation art intro. 

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