Travel : Junora Family Inland Resort

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agged as the heart of the valley, Nabunturan houses three inland resorts that answer the question “Where to relax?” These three are Aqualime Inland Resort, Toyuzo Mountain Resort and Junora Family Inland Resort.

After six days of sleepless nights and heart-pounding tasks, I wake up on brightly lit aquamarine sky-filled with fibrous cottony cloud Sunday morning and started walking with my Tiffany-colored bag pack on my back.

 I met up with Ate Witchie at the nine month old NCCC department store and catch up about the food and things we are to bring on a short day with Ate Leah’s family at Barangay Manat’s Junora Family Inland Resort.

We rode a pedicab that took us thirty minutes to reach Manat. During that short ride we talked about skin care and all things that gets out of our mind just to fill the journey’s air with giggles.

It was noon when we reached the inland resort. The life size statue of superheroes like Green Lantern, Thor and Spiderman greeted our view when entered the resort. We occupied a nipa hut inspired cottage that is in front of the six feet swimming pool.

As we were settled, we ate the food that we bought for lunch and drink carbonated grape juice while conversing about the persons that will join us in the afternoon. Ate Judith, Ate Leah’s sister arrived while we were having lunch, she even shared her Christmas Party experience at the Blue Bless Beach Resort.

We had shared so much laugh that I decided to walk around the resort and took photographs.

Small rooms for overnight stay
Junora Family Inland Resort Function Hall

One of the Junora Family Inland Resort slide.

In between those picture taking and chitchats I was able to pull Bryan out of the water to be my photographer for my levitation shots, I mean jump shots.

The whole resort will give you places that will inspire you to take your creativity to the next level.

Me, myself and I in the battle rounds. LOL.

If you just want to sing you heart out, the resort also has karaoke machines all over the place.

Francine, Ate Leah, Ate Witchie, me and Christian, "yumuyoga".

There are still photographs and instances during the stay that I would like to share, but that I would have to keep it for my own offline journals.  I wish you could visit the resort if you have the chance to drop by Nabunturan, give me a call. Ciao.

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