Pukot sa Pangandoy at La Herencia

9:38:00 PM

It took a lot of effort in order for me to send the art proposal. When I had it planned, I hope it would somehow reflect a mix of technology and traditional art but I made it on its original form, more likely the same of what it had been made first.

But what make it special this year is that I have my student help create this, them writing their dreams on a piece of ribbon, a week before I've set the piece in La Herencia. I had a session with one of my creative nonfiction class. I've asked my students to write and share to their classmates what they have written in their chosen ribbon and have them install in the right and left panels of the art piece.

Pukot sa Pangandoy's call is to become a platform for the discussion of dreams. It is always be it's call to action. 

2022 version of the  Pukot sa Pangandoy

Pukot sa Pangandoy is part of the LAVA Fest under the Fines Lines and Preeminent Forms Focused on contemporary fine art approaches, artists present artworks with strong compositions, unique mediums and intriguing concepts.

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