Simballay Festival 2017 in the eyes of my students

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And the whole Simballay celebration ended in a high note. There were issues raised and there were bashing and you know people who couldn’t even see the bright side of things. Anyway, the thing about photographing light-filled areas is your camera settings; you have to put it into a night mode.

I like how this year’s Simballay Festival went, with the umbrella walkways, and the Balay-balay is in their original place.

But what I really like about this year’s celebration is that I had my students wrote about their experience of this year’s fete, and I will be sharing some it below:

Joshua, a proud resident of Barangay Magsaysay enjoyed seeing different crops that made the barangays in the municipality stand out. Venus shared that she did not expect that Simbalay festival would left a mark in her heart.

Victor is looking forward for next year's Simballay Festival. While Cris, not from Nabunturan shared that though he is not a Nabunturanon, he can feel the happiness there is in a proud Nabunturanon individual.

Ella is overwhelmed and afraid that the streets would explode because of its content. "Thankfully, it didn't.", she wrote.

Sheryl felt connected seeing with the booths ingeniously featuring the locals' way of living, original crafts and arts, and tourist spots. Bea and Therese enjoyed the fete.

For Ruben, it’s all about the lights, it has always been the lights, and how they shimmer and stretch, grow and recede, strive and shrink. One moment the light was a singular thing, a path to heaven. The next moment, it was a collection of many, an army made of light marching everywhere.

While for Justine, Simballay Festival is for the hearts of every Nabunturanons.

Image from Turismo Nabunturan Facebook Account

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