Cinema Rehiyon 9 Guest List

8:00:00 AM

The Cinema Rehiyon 9 have  almost 100 short films and 12 other full length films. 10 directors will be present during the festival including  Gawad Urian Best Director Sheron Dayoc. But aside from the events and the things to watch for during the fete you also have to know who will be the guest and people who will be coming in Nabunturan during the Cinema Rehiyon 9. They are a combination of Cinema Committee and Film Fest Directors all over the Philippines. So I present to you the Cinema Rehiyon 9 Guest List: 

  1. Teddy O. Co, Film Committee Chair
  2. Elvert C. Banares, CineKasimanwa Film Festival Director
  3. Bordie Carillo, Lantawan Socksargen Film Festival Director
  4. Hobart Savior, Cinemagis Festival Director
  5. Tito G. Valiente, Film Critic, Committee Member
  6. Patrick F. Campos, Cinema Committee Member
  7. Edward Cabagnot, Film Educator
  8. Laila Ulao, Best Actress 40th Gawad Urian
  9. Archi Adamos, Cinema Committee Member
  10. Ryan C. Cuatrona, Hinulid Team member
  11. Eilyn Nidea, Hinulid Team member
  12. Ryanne Murcia, Director of Entre Medio Del Fin
  13. Juliet Cuizon, Lutas Film Festival
  14. Brian Michael Dolatre "Biboy Ramirez", Ned’s Project
  15. Madelyn Garcia, Peikultura
  16. Blaine Joseph Johnson, Open Air Cinema
  17. Ed Lejano, QCinema Film Fest
  18. Ronaldo Tan, Sinulog Film Fest
  19. Bianca Balbuena, Speaker, Masters Class
  20. Bradley Choong Khuen Liew
  21. Raymond Martin A. Lee "Moira Lang", Speaker, Masters Class
  22. Miguel Rapatan, Quo Vadis Speaker
  23. Alexandra Marie de Leon Poblete, Guest, DAKILA Cinema Rehiyon 10 Host
  24. Maria Christine Onate, Guest, DAKILA Cinema Rehiyon 10 Host
  25. Ferdinand Isleta, Head, NCCA Art Section
  26. Monique Pilapil, Cinema Committee Secretariat
  27. Bernadette David, NCCA Project Monitor
  28. Jerome Dulin, Cinema Padday Festival Director
  29. Dr. Noel Volante, Naga City
  30. Esther Maguigad, Naga City
  31. Jo Andrew Torlao, FDCP Manila
  32. Rudolph Ian Alama, Mindanao Film Fest

Nabunturan will have 100 or more guests starting tonight. So if you want to know more about the event you may visit the Cinema Rehiyon 9 Facebook Fan Page and it's official website

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