31 Things for January

7:00:00 PM

I don't have any idea if this writing will stem on an idea, that I was told to give up. Writing, for me, is a beautiful craft. It allowed me to deep dive and see darkness shun, as I put my thoughts and allowed my pen to bleed. I guess it is on the idea of gratitude or of knowing that I still can, but I think it was not that anymore.

  • I was told to give up by the person whom I thought celebrates me.
  • I find it hard to sit with people now
  • Blessing people even they went on cursing you
  • Creating is magical, still.
  • Holding back

  • Erasing bad relationships in memory 
  • Reconnecting with old peers 
  • Scratching new ideas 
  • Peace  
  • Adding premium to oneself 
  • Forgetting
  • Marvel at small wins

  • saying goodbyes
  • praying for their success
  • sharing
  • opening oneself to new experiences
  • insist more on beauty
  • insist more on self care
  • substance over beauty I think

  • read and continue
  • end what was opened
  • immerse oneself again
  • enjoy oneself more
  • suffer alone, in silence
  • write
  • speak
  • create
  • listen to songs
  • purchase what you want
  • weave, wonder, wander more

31 things are words things or phrase that somehow encapsulates experience. A listicles of words meaningless to others but means a whole experience to someone.

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