Trenta Ka Balak sa Trenta Dias - A creative writing project

12:28:00 PM

Last, month I started another creative writing project for my Creative Writing class for my Humanities and Social Science Strand in our humble alma mater, Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School. I was not able to discuss it here, but I am now on my sixth year of being a public teacher, and on my third year of teaching the Creative Writing subject, and almost completing this writing project for me, is something to celebrate.

Anyway, the writing project we had is entitled Trenta Ka Balak sa Trenta Dias - 30 Poems in 30 Days. It explores the idea of giving my creative writing class students the opportunity to produce a suite of poems in a month. In the whole month of October, they are task to write poems, in whatever forms and published it on their social media feed with the hashtags #trentakabalaksatrentadias. They could chose whether to published it on tiktok, facebook or instagram.

The poems are written in Bisaya, Tagalog or English.

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