The Pxtch Project

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Or  how do you save a dying culture? It's been six years since I've joined Active Citizens. It is a social leadership program by the British Council that helps people to strengthen and build their own social enterprise. 

Way back 2012 fresh out from college I decided to volunteer as a weaver at Cooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan, it was considered as the oldest cottage industry in Davao Region. That time there were six weavers, fast forward today, 4 were only present. They were ageing women, the youngest is 45 years old. 

The Pxtch

To continue my support as a volunteer and to see that the weaving culture here in Nabunturan will be seen by the coming generation, last April 2022, I've rekindled my passion for this old project. I've launched the Patch,  a collection of shirts in blue, gray and navy blue embedded with Nabunturan weaves. 

Inquiries came in, our farthest order came from Cavite. While the first shipping experience went to Davao City. Some have used it as a couple shirt which is giving me butterflies in the stomach because another reason why I have to push through with such endeavor because I need something to divert my attention for I have been undergoing emotional struggle. But that is not the main reason why I have this project. I just want to build again, a home where everyone could find solace.

Photo provided by Miss Mary Joy M. Udarbe

That is why, I launched another collection which is the hoodies. 

The Hoodies.

When I graduated college, I was not able to get a job right away, when I applied for a management trainee position, I was just asked one question, and it was the worst job interview. I did everything to keep me afloat, I planted tomatoes just to prove I could do something worthy of time and to prove myself I did not waste 5 years to tertiary education. 

One of my many dreams was to learn dream weaving. I know it sounded off, but I have wish to be visited by Fu Dalu, the guardian spirit that guides t'nalak dream weavers to weave the intricate patterns. Way back college I've already meet the women of the Cooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan, they are under the  National Cottage Industry Development Authority back then. I made them their ecommerce site for a college elective. That had been 10 years ago. 

While, I was not able to find a job, I decided to do something, and for me the better way to spend time was to achieve that 'dream weaver' dream. I volunteered to become one of their weavers. What does this story connect to the images. Volunteering at CHAIN gave me the coziness that a cardigan, a jacket or a hoodie gives during a rainy day. CHAIN gave me warmth as I traverse around the deep dark thoughts of being unemployed. CHAIN gave me comfort, and what I want to achieve for this collection is to replicate the  warmth, I felt during the start of my volunteering days, to the future wearer of these hoodies.

Here are some of the Patch Ambassadors who are flexing their new Patch shirts.

I would love to share a lot more of this project. I'm currently am bombarded with fulfilling orders. My challenge for having this project is that making sure that we can provide the orders that have been placed. Also, I'm re-sharing this story again, hoping someone would help us rebuild our slowly dying weaving community here in Nabunturan.

Anyway if you are interested in having one of these shirts or hoodies you may contact me at 09564064792.

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