Tea Em's Corner

9:47:00 PM

I never got the chance to ask who Em was. All I know that the shop is one of the "milk tea shops" that makes Nabunturan, the milk tea capital of Davao de Oro. Kidding. I don't know if the municipality is considering the tagline. Anyhow, if you are lost in the heart of the Valley, Nabunturan, and you are famished and want to quench your thirst. Tea Ems Corner is one of the places that can offer you thirst-quenching drinks and sumptuous meals. They are located at Purok- 13 Poblacion Nabunturan beside Novo.

What makes them stand out is that aside from their milk tea offering they also serve Sisig and Beef Silog and their newly launched Barkada Meal: Mukbang, boiled kinds of seafood paired with unlimited rice, and 4 glasses of soda.

They also have delivery just contact them thru their Facebook Page.

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