Haruhay Community Pantry

8:27:00 PM

I don't have any idea how this self-project will be sustained, that is why I am writing this piece in this space. Community pantries have been growing in any part of the Philippines. There's one in Nabunturan, which has been started by one of the artists in Nabunturan, Candy Darling, and some of her friends. Candy is an up class in Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School. 

Haruhay Community Pantry

Inspired by her move, I suggested to my co-faculty to start our own community pantry. We named it Haruhay Community Pantry.  The goals were to promote and strengthen the spirit of generosity and strengthen community partnership through setting up the community pantry for students and parents who are in need during these troubled times. Aside from the two goals mentioned above, it was also envisioned to be an activity that will increase the number of module collections and submissions.

But what I am afraid of at this moment, is that on the next retrieval and collection of modules is that we will not be able to set up this pantry. Because I personally did not publish a call for donation, this was the first time I openly talked about it. 

But I don't know what the future may bring maybe the reason why I'm writing this is to tell the universe to conspire so that we can sustain the project on the next module retrieval dates. I am still hoping that it will be sustained. 

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