Gratitude Friday: 15 things I am grateful for 2015

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Gratitude Friday: 15 things I am grateful for 2015
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2015 was indeed a fabulous year. There were memories that aren't instagrammable and there are experiences that are worth keeping. I love this year's January 1 because it falls on a Friday, meaning that I have to write down the lists of things I am grateful. Today, I listed 15 things I am grateful for 2015.

1. The gift of friendships. Some are marrying, some are working outside the Philippines, some are single, some are happy with their love life, some are happily single and some are experiencing struggles in life. Some change, some are heart broken. But, the people whom I shared my three years with were still there surviving and we are not forgetting each other, we are still reaching out, getting together. 

2. The gift of family. Even we suffered a great lost this year, we still manage to stand. 

3. The gift of work. I have been blessed, even there are struggles. I am blessed to be with people who are very fun to be with, understanding and who treats you like family. 

4. Pens, brushes, and papers. When stress strikes, the color- filled brush never fails to lift the anxiety and over thinking  up away from my system.

5. The gift of having a dream. I am still not forgetting my whole weirdness. I have projects in mind that I want to execute on the coming year. 

6. Travelling. The year have been kind to let me step into places I never been to. General Santos, Britannia Island, Cateel, Mati and going back to my first Visayan City I've been to, Cebu City.

7. Film Festivals. Lantawan Socksargen Film Festival, Mindanao Film Festival, Cinema Rehiyon and our very own Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition, these film festivals gave me new perspectives on seeing films. Being able to experience festivals made me realize that there is more to watching.

8. The gift of talents. Designing invitation cards to festival identity. It's been 14 months now, since I left teaching. It's fun, it drains my energy yet it allow me to take full control on doing what I love.

9. The gift of life experiences. Sometimes, I wondered around my existence and never tried to examine but looking back through the past years, I realize, it is still my responsibility to dig and ponder upon the experiences accumulated.

10. The gift of seeing one's value rather than, it's negative side. I guess, that to fall in love is to see one's imperfection, to fall in love is to see one's inabilities to see it's own imperfection rot. To fall in love is to see beyond that imperfection.

11. The gift of listening. I have listened to two local stories. These two stories were beautiful enough that needs to be translated in to a something magical to the eyes.

12. The gift of learning. I've been to almost five workshops this year and being able to experience those made realize that there are still I need to learn.

13. The gift of seeing inspiration in things. 

14. Internet. A lifeline. A lifesaver. 

15.  The gift of appreciation. Little things, small or big experiences. Friends or family. An instant message or a text message. Things that moves you or made you happy needs to be celebrated by appreciation. I have been doing it for two years, and life has been so good to me.

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