Bus Reading: 01.04.16

11:00:00 AM

I have 15 tabs open on a web browser, one is an instagram account and another from The Daily Beast and the rest are from medium. I really don’t specifically choose the site where to read to but medium is filling up my inbox. Anyway, I’m only sharing 10 links for you to read. Happy Bus Reading

The desperation in wanting to be known by anything, even an algorithm.

If you ever think, hey, this drinking thing isn’t fun anymore, it’s okay to take a break.

Your bid for immortality is folly. This self-actualization you seek — it’s a mirage. One day, that phone will be obsolete, thrown on a scrap-heap, or stripped down, its parts recycled. These images of your face will no longer exist.

When a celebrity post on instagram, a comedienne does this.

The Outtakes share their 10 Favorite Personal Stories of 2015

Somebody shared about being ugly

It took me the better part of a year to realize that ten minutes wouldn’t have saved us — and longer than that to accept that we were neither ready for nor deserved that saving. 

In London, citizens are well used to this nonsense. The influx of oil-rich millionaires to the city has become an annual summer ritual, the most notable signifier of which are the serried ranks of gaudy customized luxury cars—gold-plated Range Rover, anyone?—parked outside landmarks like the Dorchester Hotel, Claridges, and Harrods.  

Image from Adrianne. For more bus reads click here.

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