Gratitude Friday: Forum, dreams and a finished weaving

5:30:00 PM

lot has been in stored in writing and I have been struggling with deadlines and craving to update this blog with gratitude journal entries and bus readings. Today, I tried and I prospered. I've listed fourteen but many are still in writing.

Experiencing Cebu again. 

It was my second time to be in the Cebu, it’s because of Cinema Rehiyon 7, three Nabunturanon films where being screened Nilusak, Pasuon and Pangindahay. I was with the Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition, and I got to meet Albert Chan of Ina-tay.

 Inspiring forum at Cinema Rehiyon. 
Tito Valiente's words rang a bell. As if it was talking to me. Assuming me, however it was a strong point to ponder, a film maker should not just merely create films, but he/she has a big responsibility, which is important, and it's not about being in the mainstream but being able to tell stories in line with your own values and your own regional culture. 

Seeing designs being worn by people you don't know. 
There were days that strangely, Nabuntaranon wearing my T-shirt design pop out of nowhere.  

Being part of a film production. 

Seeing an indie film put to life. 
We are on the last day of preparation; however we are still being vigilant with what might happen. 

Experiencing dreams being realized. 
If I would be having multitudes of ability to help I would help New Bataan in raising them from the ashes of Typhoon Bopha, they are now, and I'm contributing in my own little way. 

A window seat at sky. 
I was thanking God in my mind during the flight to Cebu for allowing me to experience His majestic creation on the stratosphere. 

Dom's cookies were gems. So if you happen to be traveling north via a bus try to jump out of Montevista Bus Station look to your right and look for Dom's Bakeshop they have the best baked goodies in Municipality of Montevista.  

Experiencing a photo-shoot with me behind the lens. 
That was the longest thirty minutes of my life. 

 Being mentored. 
Thanks to the two person namely: Dexter Dela Pena, Director of Photography of Iisa and award winning Cinematographer, Arbi Barbarona

Going with the Nabunturan Emergency Response Team to respond to minor vehicle accident. 
It was the second time that I joined Ate Yenyen in responding.  

Seeing my former student, Nellian. 
She's based on Cebu at the moment.

Seeing chilies growing. 
A side project out of proving everyone at the office I have a green thumb. 

Seeing a finished weave, finished by another weaver. 
I felt a bit disappointment with myself because I was not able to finish it, but seeing it with another design made my heart leap.

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