Bus Reading: 9.29.15

1:44:00 PM

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There are strong feelings that I wanted to put into writing. But, shifts come in and I don't know how to cover. Anyhow, I had clicks and links followed for this day's bus readings and I hope you got to click through without judgments.

If you were to scour the biographies of successful, confident people, it's not usually the geniuses or the specialists with encyclopedic knowledge of a subject who make the biggest splash; it's the ones who trust their obsessions, work with them, and then integrate them into sweeping visions of how to improve the world (or you know, how to sell more soda). A lot of times, these people have put themselves through the ringer already, so they're fully aware of what they lack. They've come to grips with the fact that they're not brilliant or even all that original. But they do have passions that they dare to believe in.
When you earn their trust and respect, no matter where you go or what you try, you do it with true confidence--because you know the people who truly matter the most are truly behind you.

Sometimes people say they have trouble with their skin. One thing you can do is to radiate positivity, and that glow will come through your skin. I know it sounds very simplistic, and it’s very difficult because our world has so many problems, from economic to disease to poverty. All of these things are true things that we have to be concerned about. But if you face every day feeling good about yourself and happy, you can find solutions for whatever you can do. Small things.

“Spoons and letters are tools. The first we need to ingest bodily nourishment from a bowl, the latter we need to ingest mental nourishment from a piece of paper.”

One of the most amazing things I’ve discovered is that when I surrender, that’s when my dreams come true, and I get what I wanted so desperately… It’s just that now I’ve surrendered, I no longer feel desperation. The dream feels like a gift, rather than a crust of bread after a month of starvation. Surrendering is primarily about your own peace of mind, but it works wonders for manifesting, too. 

Alexandra Franzen On Staying Creative

This is what makes the smartphone such a rich source of paradoxical guilt for the current generation of parents. We are considered at once overbearing and totally oblivious, so besotted by our own children that it’s unseemly, yet so absorbed by our phones, so unaware as precious moments of childhood slip by, that it’s shameful.

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