Gratitude Friday: 04.10. 15

6:08:00 PM

I lost count on how many Fridays have passed by without listing down the things I am grateful for. Friday for me, is the best day to recall the things that have happened to you from the whole week, find snippets that is worth celebrating by being grateful that it happened. Today, I will be listing nine things that I am thankful for that had happen.

1. Attending the flag ceremony.

It brought back childhood memories, it gives a youthful vibe to see familiar faces and exchanging smiles, it felt good.

2. Seeing familiar faces go back to Nabunturan. 

Two directors, a writer, and a set designer convened for two days for a pre-production meeting for an upcoming full-length film. It's fun to see them back at the heart of the Valley. Their presence, I think dictates the film tourism of Nabunturan.

3. Eating Nabunturan's bibingka.

 Freshly baked from its steamer, Nabunturan's bibingka never fail me to be awed every time I got my mouth filled with its glutinous sweetness.

4. Getting into new places. 

Farmer's Training Center and Slaughterhouse at Barangay Sasa, here at Nabunturan, is a beautiful abode. It's a training/quarters for anyone who wants to be trained.

5. Experiencing a story conference. 

It was just for a short span of time. On the fifteenth of this month, the production will start setting up for the set design. The shooting will start next month.

6. Consumed an acai berry shake. 

Thursday was a holiday but we still have to work on things because of the film camp (see details here), after the working hours, we decided to go to the three month old mall, and decide to drink shake at Master Shake. I have no knowledge about the health benefits of consuming such berry, but it was really a fun experience drinking it.

7. Working behind the scene next month.

 I felt fear, but I think I have to brush it aside. Maybe, to see the things work around a movie production will open my eyes to see new learning around it.

8. Weaving.

 I started an off and on work with weaving an eight meter pure fiber as weaves. I have no idea when will it be finished but I hope that it will be finished soon. I am thinking of a kick starter project soon, but I have no idea how to do it.

9. Egg hunting. 

It was my first time to do such kiddie game, but it was fun though. It is and I am looking forward on doing it again next year.

10. Helping

I think helping people gives you an advantage, because it makes the world a better place.  It does not have to be the grandest acts of kindness. Showing kindness in whatever forms will create ripples, and such ripples may not come back to you directly.

Here are just some of the things, but there are still some I would love to share. I hope you have a happy week.

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