Side Projects: Local Film Posters

12:09:00 PM

Months from now, entries will be called for the 3rd NABIFILMEX. It will be an another spectacle a Nabunturanon must experience. An open air cinema, forum, and various film maker will be around during the fete. Today, I would be sharing some of the poster design I created during lull time at work. The following poster design are not the official posters of the films.

(Meat Bullet)
Language: Cebuano
TRT 6:31 mins

A story that depicts that not all fears of man is actually happening in reality. It tells that some forms of fears are only products of a bad dream, a nightmare. It reveals cause and effect of man’s excessive desire, an aftermath of life’s natural phenomenon, the price of gluttony.

Language: Bisaya/Cebuano
TRT: 16 min. 47 sec.
Jessie, an easy-go-lucky and reckless student, is doing his most favorite deed in school again for the nth time. For a change, he opted to explore a secluded part at the back of the school, the most un-preferable place to go to by the students of his like. Enjoying what he was doing, somebody, on the other hand, is not pleased of the disturbance he has created. The retaliation causes Jessie a lot, even his sanity.

In a modern life captured in the heart of a Valley, one peculiar family used to live in the same old state of living because of the far reaching place of their house location. Mang Dencio, the father, was a ten – year widow who used to sell a smashed banana using the traditional tool, “Lusong and Alho” (mortar and pestle), to support his child Nene. Their lives turn complicated when the head of the family Mang Dencio made horrible mistake that will twist their lives into shattered nightmares.

Pahiyom ni Boye

Attending school is always the dream of every child.  But Boye, a lumad from Matigsalug-Manobo tribe, this dream will now end.  Her father decided to stop sending Boye and her siblings to school.  With an additional farmhand, her father is optimistic that they can save money for the next school year.  A consistent honor student, Boye is determined to continue her studies.  She refers her problem to the village chieftain.  She is supported by her bestfriend who encourages her that she can get through this through Boye’s aspiration coincides with the pal of the Datu that all children in the village should go to school.  The village tapped an NGO to help them establish a school in their community.  During the consultation, the whole village is convinced that they can do it.  Boye’s father who is indifferent to outsiders who offer help dares the Datu and the neighborhood.  The faith of the community in their cooperation and unity is now challenged.

Fate had brought them into a heartbreaking situation.  Even with their innocence they struggled and strived to survive.  Manang Elsa stood and bore the responsibilities brought to her by the situation.  Mac-mac did his part to reciprocate what was lacking.  While everything seems to be okay, Mac-mac still has his aspirations to satisfy his simple desires in life.


In a remote area of bucolic town Nabunturan a young lumad boy named Bodong stumbled upon a river full of free gold. Though trying to keep the location of the area to himself, Bodong’s life begins to complicate when his friend Alec starts to confront him about the site. Inner greed starts to brew between the two as they cleverly struggle and fight even to death to take ownership of the boundless treasure nature has to offer.  

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