Gratitude Friday: Playing under the light of a flashlight

11:11:00 AM

Another week will come to an end. It had been a a fantastic week for me. I hope it was for you too. Black outs, glitters and brush pens made my days, while inspiration is back, thank you Instagram, and to my brothers who have been so generous.

Playing penpen de sarapin under the flashlight.
It was a weird experience. Though, I played it with my nephew, Erbe when we celebrated my brother birthday at my nephew's residence. It just felt calming to get in touch with your inner child. Penpen de sarapin anyone?

Seeing my work as legit as it is. It looks like  cake decorations, chocolate coated with glitters, and all things sparkly. It's a bit early to celebrate, but I hope it will work out well.

Translated something for an independent film for NABIFILMEX.
I don't have any idea if the whole translation was put into it. I was not able to see it wholely. It was one hell of a Sunday night. It was a humbling experience, and I hope the film got an award.

Witnessing gratitude early in the morning. My brother passed the CPA licensure exam,it was his second time to take it, the first one was last July 2014, and he failed. But he did not stop, he tried again. He passed. Up until know, I was still wondering if he were shouting his praise or his gratefulness in that moment, we even joked to insta vid his moment. It was as if he were Mommy Dionesia, Manny Pacquiao, shouting his  thanks.

I hope you are reminding of yourself the good things that have happen to you.

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