Gratitude Friday: 31 things I am grateful for October

11:28:00 PM

As October come to a close, I hope you will be reminded of the beautiful and bad experiences that life have given you, how life was generous to you. So before the last day of October end I will share 31 things and experiences that October gave me.

I thought, it was just better to let go of things but I was wrong, it was the best. Knowing when to let go is a skill everyone should learn and have.

Last week started with a bang. The film which I got the chance to work on bagged major awards in the 2014 Nabifilmex which made me got a little excited for the next year. I'm looking forward in joining next year. I already have a story put together.

Mini reunion. 

Opportunities and people who were there waiting to be tapped. You are with the right people, you just have to be brave with the ideas you have.

Receiving the SVA Catalog. Visual-gasm erupted like lava. Ear shattering.

Finishing four different tasks in one day. Multitasking and leaving behind old projects and dealing with crappy internet.

Finding out that there is nothing to change in a certain paper created for a freelance work. Finding out new ways of making those papers.

Finding new friends while getting work requirements.

A batch mate that recognized you. 

Cloud appreciation. I might dedicate a week to appreciate blue skies and puffy gray clouds by taking one photo a day.

Knowing that someone is interested with your work.

Hearing folk songs sang by older people.

Being able to help and see someone realizing a dream.

Seeing high school friends on their chosen profession.

Finishing desired task on to do list.

Learning new things on Adobe Illustrator.

Taking photographs of newly sewn #felibags. Look for the hash tag on Instagram.

Reaching another dream.

Opening an old shop or reopening it. I don't know what's the right term but I hope it will help.

Being at two places in one day.

Front seats and comfortable seatmates.

Being able to joke around.

Starting a new job.

Finding out the last sachet of coffee.

Two bottles of sparkling soda. I mean flavored bear.

Waking up to the sound of the falling rain.

Being able to do things like I don't usually do e.g. submitting your specimen for medical certification.

Started abrupt challenges like #onecharacteraday on Instagram and Black/White Photo Challenge on Facebook.

Chitchat with a high school classmate on her shift.

Seeing where your hard earned money go.

Ending my two months self imposed summer vacation.

Accidentally deleted all image files on my phone memory. It felt sad because those were beautiful memories but I think its one way of letting go of things on the past.

Smiling like crazy, because of  thoughts running back and forth on my mind. 

Seeing babies  giggles like a wild hyena.

If you wish that your life be full of things you want, try to create a list of things that made you happy and thankful. Focus on little things, may it be a text message from you crush or a free chocolate given by a special someone or dinner treat by your mom.

Recalling those things matter. Grow gratitude.

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