Gratitude Friday: Doing what you love and finished 2wordsaday

8:16:00 PM

Everyday has been a mixture of excitement and wandering. Maybe because it might be the effect of doing the things that is close to your heart or it might be the sense of starting each day with a big new perspective of what your life have been. Gratitude Friday, has been missing the Friday publish button. However, hitting the publish button on a Monday night might change things, and it will not stop me from clicking the button. Here's the last week's list:

1. Finished the #2wordsaday project in Instagram.

2. Got a follow back from an Instagram user I followed.

3. Joining a giveaway.

4. Started weaving a new pattern.

5. Eating four packs of chocolates.

6. Writing white ink on black sheets of paper.

7. Experimenting with chalk, water and glue to create a white ink.

8. Late night movies.

9. Weaving.

10. Reading an Eckhart Tolle.

11. Virtual conversations.

12. Double taps from Instagram followers I don't personally know and hearts from offline friends.

13. Banana cue and coffee.

14. Photo editing using apps like photogrid and pixlr.

15. Finding an old Moon reader file.

16. Finding an Instagram account filled with eye candy post and inspiration.

17. Deleting old files, and making new space for new ones.

18. Filling the Winnie the Pooh drawing book with sketches.

19. Biscuits and gray shorts.

20. Knowing that you have progress yet you strive to do more.

21. Intimate birthday celebration.

22. Waking up early and finding you were the first one to arrive at the place.

23. Free tricycle ride.

24. Catching up with people.

25. That moment when a person knows you and said hi, then you don't have any idea who's that person.

26. 12 hour digital detoxification, leaving phones or any gadgets behind or at home not minding whether there is a text message or a phone call.

27. Seeing your Grade Five English teacher and your Grade Six Science Teacher.

28. Put on the big sweatshirt.

29. Doing the things I love.

Have you been filling in your gratitude list?

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