Gratitude Friday: Brush-pen, laundries and pulling weeds

11:11:00 AM

A lot has changed for the past few days. It's like, doing something new that never existed. I've been so blessed with so many things to thank for. I mean, the list is just some of the things that I have been listing.

1. Almost completing #2wordsaday

2. Writing gratitude Friday using a brush-pen, at last.

3. Meeting someone soon weeks before she flew abroad.

4. Accident meetups

5. Brush stroke practice

6. Reading the Power, the Secret, and finishing the Eat, Pray, Love.

7. Morning dishes

8. Finishing laundry

9. Folding laundry

10. Getting excited finding out free internet access during bus ride

11. Waking up with hope.

12. Merienda time

13. Planting roses

14. Pulling weeds

15. Living anew.

16. Being able to express happiness in the other side.

17. Knowing that one day things will be in place.

18. washi-esque tapes

19. oslo paper.

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