Gratitude Friday: Fandom and creative freedom

11:11:00 AM

he week has been a little bit tiring but fulfilling. I've become a fan, a full pledge fan I guess. Funny, but I think it was outrageous of me, I created a page for that in this blog. I was never a fan and it was the first time that I even asked my peers to make me one of admin of the fan page they created for the singing sunshine. It was successful though, I felt like I was part of a social media experts, as of writing this the page has more "talking this" than likes, it also has twelve thousand reached.

Anyway, life has been kind to me last month and I know it will be kinder this month making  this post a mindful gratitude Friday.

1. Becoming a fan page admin.

2. Waking up early, and going back to bed after waking up.

3. Doing more task in my free time.

4. Instagram. It gives me visual orgasms.

5. Taking risks with someone you know and being optimistic with it.

6. Launching something.

7. #saamongbukid project

8. Random bike rides.

9. Pony tailing my bangs, strutting it like a boss.

10. Lettering in the morning.

Here are some of the things that made me grateful for the week. What are the things that got into your gratitude list? Share one thing in your list.

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