Projects: 26 Days of Art

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We are now halfway, today marks the 13th day of the 26 Days of Art project we are currently doing with our Contemporary Philippine Arts in the Region class. The only rule of this art project is to create one art form and share it online via Instagram or Facebook with the #26daysofart for 26 days. Nothing special, I guess. What really impresses me is that everyone have been producing noteworthy images and awe-inspiring art. I don't have any idea how to measure the success of this project but all I know September and October are beautiful months to surprise them. I just want to give a shout out to the universe. I'm excited.

the dream that you lost will find its way home

Day 11 - Daily Dose of Words, 26 Days of Art by Lyca Bawisan

Here are some of the projects shared at  Instagram

Allow me to share a poem that somehow resonated with me:

KJ Uraca

In the end, this journey was just futile
It was absurd to think it was real
Foolish of me to believe it was possible
But I was just naive and way too gullible

I've been desperate to see whats ahead
Too much fervor on where it may lead
And now, where am I? Im stuck!
Trapped and cant find my way back

Frozen in fear, lost in thoughts
I can hear the clock go tick tock
Yet my world seemed like it stopped
I was stupid to believe on such a crap

It really was hopeless after all
Recklessly taking this venture even if the chances were small
But now here I am in this bottomless pit
Screaming deep inside as I fall

My body seems like burried half beneath the ground
Half dead as I take this heavy steps
Just waiting for the time bomb to blow
But then I met time

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