Life in Still: Down the Rabbit Hole Easter Book Hunt in Nabunturan

5:00:00 PM

It's an afternoon with a gloom, but the whole gang never bothered, we set up the tea cups and the mini cupcakes, pretended we were down the Rabbit Hole. It was the 7th year of the Easter Book Hunt, Angely Chi, decided to celebrate it on the heart of the Valley, Nabunturan. In the front yards of Creativitea and Sweet Seoul books were hidden, together with humpies with prizes inside.

A humpy and a book 

Do you see what I see?

the Goddess Ram as the White Duchess

The Bunny 

The Bunny and the Duchess

Shrubs around Creativitea

Mini doughnuts baked with love from the makers of Sweet Seoul 

Betsy and Angely have better behind the scene photographs.

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