Bus Reading: 10-10-16

3:00:00 PM

I am a Duterte supporter, shares Sass Rogando Sasot in her article: How I was silenced by right speech fundamentalists in the Philippines

Portrait of the Great Eagle Father as President, A character sketch of a man both uncomplicated and complex by Manuel L. Quezon III

When the flame of your passion starts to flicker
“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” — Banksy

The Unmistakable Effect and An Ode To Doing Your Own Thing
When things happen like this, it’s a huge reality check. Life is fragile and short. To spend it in a way that makes you unhappy just isn’t worth it. 

8 Ways You Can Survive — And Thrive In — Midlife

If you can't come up with your own ideas: Steal old stuff.

Rebecca Solnit on Hope in Dark Times, Resisting the Defeatism of Easy Despair, and What Victory Really Means for Movements of Social Change
This is an extraordinary time full of vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen. It’s also a nightmarish time. Full engagement requires the ability to perceive both.

Philosopher Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving and What Is Keeping Us from Mastering It
If two people who have been strangers, as all of us are, suddenly let the wall between them break down, and feel close, feel one, this moment of oneness is one of the most exhilarating, most exciting experiences in life. 

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