A letter to the person who broke my heart

11:20:00 PM

Dear You,

It has been an insane journey. I have kept it for years, and that night came in, my heart opened. I felt flutters inside my stomach. My world change. It was a vulnerable experience. Filling my mind with thoughts on how I was so stupid to fall for you.

It was risky, I felt the adrenaline rush. I was breathless. I felt guilty. I felt insane. I felt special. I felt wanted. The feeling was so special, it consumed me. I felt so brave that I want to fight for the feeling. But I realized, I was so blinded, that the things that I've been telling  my friends when they were on the same situation, I was experiencing, flush down the drained.
Thank you.

My views changed, I was changed. I felt braver. 

I think of you, and sometimes I felt the pain, the hate, the wanting to be beside you, but these things hit me to the core. I was living in a fantasy, a made up one.

I struggled within, but I am grateful.

You open possibilities.

You sparked hope.

You made me excited.

You made myself hopeful, that one day that the right person will come.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience love. I may have walked over the broken pieces of my heart but the experience made me whole.



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