Bus Reading: 07-11-16

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So, I went down my web browser history, and look back for important links that I have read for the past days. Some where breadcrumbs to the sites where I researched terms that deals with the philosophy of education. 


So today I will be sharing  bus reads worthy of your 3 minutes.

The annals of photography contain many extraordinary portraits, but the ones we linger on longest achieve something exceptional: they suggest that in the microsecond it takes for the shutter to blink, some communion has been found, that an unseen life has become a seen one, that attention has been paid, that an act of witness has been accomplished. They remind us how much we want to be seen, and also how infrequently we practice the skill of seeing others. But if there is a cure for the invisibility of loneliness, it is this. It is why, depending on who you are, that click of the camera’s shutter is a sound that evokes either anxiety or relief. Click: I see you. Click: I see you. Click: I see you. You are not alone.

The lost art of Philippine shoemaking

Now after doing the handwoven fabrics, I feel that we have to be proud that we have this. Especially the ones that we have in the North — Ilocos — and the Basilan tribes.  The abel Iloko is known for its optical illusion. I also used another woven fabric from Basilan. You’ll know that the weaver’s husband is a fisherman or — kasi it’s the women who weave — if they live near the river or sa inland or sa outland based from the patterns. With this one, you’ll see the python, this one is a crab, then there’s a net. So more or less, they live near the river.

8 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Loving what you do matters. “Oftentimes passion for a career is not love at first sight,” Stanley writes in his book, “The Millionaire Mind.” 

8 Hidden Toxins: What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products?

So why does Rodrigo Duterte represent the Filipino man? There’s a lot of things you could say about Duterte. But not being a man is not one of them.

Is blogging dead? David Guison reflected after he rolled out the new look of his blog.

The thing to remember is, just because you love to do something, doesn’t mean you should pursue it as a career.

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