Gratitude Friday: Summer Breeze, Escapades and Dinner

8:33:00 PM

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. So to get the miracle working I've listed 22 plus one things that made me grateful for this week.

Cold summer breeze. There were times when walking was a bit of tiring due to less wind blowing. But as the cold summer breeze brushed my skin it gives a refreshing feeling.

Random Blackouts. 
Reminds me to be thankful for experiencing light. It also make me appreciate the night sky more.

The smell of paper from a newly opened sketchpad. 
It seemed like opening a new read, and smelling freshly printed book from the press.

Seeing nieces play. Kids know how to have fun even just with a piece of paper. 

Mati Escapade with friends. 
It was fun. I thought my friends got summer frolic tickets but they don't but experiencing it on the outside makes me want to experience it inside. But, I'm crossing my fingers. How I wish I can experience it next year.

Waking up earlier than the alarm clock.
Jollibee burger given from Ate Witchie.

Joining Free e-courses. Arianne of Braver Goals has been giving me insightful case studies straight to my email. I'm loving it. Also, I sign up for Nesha designs, and Jeremy Cowart.

Starting a new route for afternoon walk-athon. The route is estimate 3.9 km and it blew my mind.

Meeting new recipients of the special program for employment of student.

Experiencing fogs while traveling early in the morning. I traveled to Davao to deliver documents, fogs are giving me eerie feelings, but it is a good kind eerie feeling.

Witnessing DMX Comvalenyo perform live. Seeing them live, gives you the same feeling while watching them on TV.

Free ride to work. Courtesy of my uncle's ever dependable red tricycle

The sound of the falling rain. It is relaxing. 

Sewing rags. It felt a going back to time, rekindling with fashion forward soul.

Gratitude Fridays. Making a gratitude Friday lists, made me feel with overflowing blessing.

Window-shopping at a Japanese thrift store. Seen a knitted scarf and Doc Martin inspired shoes.

Spending 4 hours of a Saturday at Matinao Inland Resort. Together with Ayesha, my ina-anak, with Nanay and Tatay, (Ayesha's parents), with besh, sis, sissy, Paolo, esh, Jay-ar, we went to Matin-ao Inland Resort, videoke-ing, swimming and having fun.


Good morning messages. My friends are really sweet, they always send me messages even if it is not necessary.  There morning or an afternoon greeting was a site I might miss.

Random rain at night night. The scorching heat of summer stayed even it's in the middle of the night but random rain vanishes the heat.

Free dinner from co workers. We ate corned beef and instant noodles. It was a beautiful sight for we got to bond over dinner.

Finding out that Cafe Noventa has an affordable price list. Their pizzas are awesome and their halo-halo too.

More of this Gratitude Friday list. Images 1, 2, 3, 4.

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