Gratitude Friday: Summer, Hard work, and Friends in Relationships

5:00:00 PM

It's been two months since the last Gratitude Friday, and it feels like it was a year ago. But that will not stop me to give thoughts for this day. So here's the list:

Mati escapade, again.
I really wish that I would have a blast in experiencing it, on the fourth time. Summer is finally here.

First salary.
I started the online job hunting last week and got the job. It's a part time job and it does not need hard coding skills, it involves web development and logo designing.

Friends getting in relationships.
Still, I don’t believe them both, but I have to support them in any way, that what’s friends do, right? I love them both.

Cloudy skies without a hint of rain clouds.
The aura it gives me felt like bed weather days. The puffy clouds are still a reminder of pillows. How I wish today was a Saturday.

Morning breakfast with mama. Dried fish and corned beef, with instant coffee.

Thrills of upcoming project.
I am currently drafting itineraries for an upcoming visit, and it’s killing me because I’m not the right person to do the itineraries. But I guess I have to let go of resistance.

Long afternoon walks. We are currently walking the streets of Nabunturan as an afternoon exercise, but the struggle is real. 

Blooming orchids.They are magical.

I've listed 8 items a homage for this day's Gratitude Friday

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