Gratitude Friday: G for Gratitude

5:30:00 PM

Gratitude Friday: G for Gratitude.
Gratitude Friday: G for Gratitude.

So the list is a mixture of four gratitude Fridays, starting from October 9 to this day. 

The possibilities of Mr. Rodrigo Duterte to be the next President of the Philippines. 

Reading a review and feature about the film Iisa, that was shot in ground zero.

Putting up reasons, I mean, a bus reading on how beneficial walking is.

Finalizing design for Simballay 2015, but it still has to be criticized by the committee members.

Finding out the courage of knowing that life is short. Accepting that life will give different circumstances and it is up to you react.

Sharing hearty laughter with relatives. 

Singing the office mate's last song syndrome "Ang Buhay Ko." in a weird day.

Getting kilig over some one else's singing skills.

Night out with Jovy Ruth.

Knowing that talents all over the town of Nabunturan is oozing. 
Auditions were held for Garbo ng Nabunturan season 6 a lot were hopefuls but only 10 were chosen.

Attending a 3 day workshop on cultural tourism development.
It was an eye opener, it made me realize things about culture, tourism and the we aspect of being Filipino.

Recollection with the other local government employee.

Seeing a shooting star while star gazing at the Municipal Plaza.

Crossing over the Nabunturan overpass for the first time. 

Scoring good things at a department store sale. Washi Tapes anyone?

Celebrating my first work anniversary and my mom's 64th birthday.

Finishing assigned works.



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