Gratitude Friday: Of free stuffs and revamp

5:30:00 PM

Gratitude Friday: Of free stuffs and revamps

So much have happened in the past month, I have the privilege to be part of the organizing committee of the Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition 3, although it had unwanted effect on me, still reminiscing it through series of photographs have that I have opted not to put into Instagram made the experience a worth reflected one. 

So I will be listing stuffs for this day set of Gratitude Friday. So here's the list:

Free meals. 

Designed an invitation card for a debutante. A jersey shirt for a fun run that aims to build a church and blog revamped. Red to blue from painted 

Massage. I just felt I need one. The Nabunturan Emergency Response Team has the most diverse group of people, from swimmers, to masseurs, to cook and video editors. A member of them fixed me through a massage because I have so many panuhot in my body. 

Reformatting my phone. It was an intentional reformatting; it feels like starting over again. I just felt it was a necessary move for me to remove emotional baggage and things I don’t want to remember.

Android games that was so hard to play. I know there are certain android hacks to make the games being played easy but Pixel Dungeon and Hoplite were forces to be reckon with.

These were some of the things that made me grateful this week. I hope you have listed yours.

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