Two Words a Day: Adventure Awaits

11:11:00 AM

I am scared, to the point that I wanted to forget that I wanted to go somewhere else and hide. Today is a new day for everyone. I love it whenever August bids goodbye. The rush of the months with ber is on high. I feel more ecstatic about me leaving something behind. Today is my official last working day. I have to start anew and what better way to celebrate such is to jump off the plane and begin a fresh project.

I started a new hobby, brush lettering. I've been doing small projects already that I was not able to finish in twenty six days which is frustrating. Anyway, today is a new day to begin and I've been keeping ideas on the box already. So I give you Two Words a Day.

Here's how the project will go:
 the idea is that you just have to be playful with two words that has the same first letters, then try to create a two word quote. After try to write it in paper using any kinds of brush. It's up to you what are the words you are to use as long both words has the same first letter. It will be a twenty-six day project because there are 26 letters on the English alphabet. 

Adventure awaits. 

Follow the project at instgram with the hashtag #2wordsaday. Cheers to a new beginning.

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