As it happens: Bb Nabunturan Coronation Night

7:23:00 PM

grand display of beauty and sophistication, Nabunturan crowned a new queen after a decade. She is Roselle Princess Rosas, a registered nurse from Baranggay Basak. I wish not to recount the things that I've experience at the event but I think this post will be a little help for future use.

8:14 Crowd control was a mess compared from the preliminaries.

8:15 Gym is full, I think I will not enjoy the fete. People are on the railing can't see the stage

8:26 The host announce the Bb Nabunturan will start after 3 minutes

8:32  An audio visual presentation of Philippine National Anthem was played

8:29 An Our Father, it felt like a Gregorian chanting.

8:32 WELCOME ADDRESS ATTY Karen Malaki PRESIDENT OF Municipal Tourism Council.

Talking about a dream that one day Nabunturan will be a center for culture and the arts.

8:37 Binibining Nabunturan production number with the

8:38 An audio visual presentation about of  the past queens.

8:42 Panel of judges were introduced

a Marketing officer, a travel consultant, a pageant director, a tourism management student turned beauty queen, and a call center agent

8:45 Nabunturan Performing Arts, in their festival queen costume

8:53 Standing position. Hate the so sexy dance whatever song it is.

9:20  Host reads the criteria

9:25 an audio visual presentation of the preliminary were flashed in the screen

9:28 Awarding candidates change to their casual wear w/c is not part of the judging

Facebook likes: 15
Rdl: 13
Rdl: 10
Rdl: 8
Miss Congeniality: 8
Green magic soap: 8
Miss Photogenic: 5

Swimsuit: 12

Long gown: 5

Eloquence: 16

Festival costume: 5

TM texter choice award: 15

Top 12 semi-finalist, Frankly I'm not sure if the following numbers were right

9:53: Mayor Romeo Clarin, delivered a message. Expresses his heartfelt gratitude.

9:58 DMX Comvalenyos danced

10:00  Semi-final Round. Recycled music for swimsuit

10:21 Intermission Number by Eagles, I haven't heard of them but I think they're new.

10:25 RDL pharmaceutical advertisement.

10:40 Long Gown competition

11:12 Announcement of Top 5



What characteristics or values do you possess to help promote the tourism in Nabunturan, why?

1. Talks about promoting Nabunturan
2. Talks about herself being compassionate, and why an ambassador like her should possess such characteristic.
3. Talks about her God-fearing nature, and how we take for granted God's goodness
4. Talks about her being an empowered woman, an embodiment of a true Nabunturanon.
5. Talks about her being talented.

11:30 last look
11:45 Announcement of winners.

Fourth Runner Up: 10
Third Runner Up:  5
Second Runner Up:  16
First Runner Up:  12
BB Nabunturan: 9

Any thoughts? Question are not entertained, head to Nabunturan Tourism Council for photos. But my friend,  Novy Dimol captured some. Second to the last images are her's.

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