Gratitude Friday: Celebration, Food Trips, and Falling in love

1:01:00 AM

I I feel sad today because a part of me has just died yesterday. However, it will not stop me from recalling the things that made me grateful for the week. 

  • Celebrating National Heroes Day in pajamas. 
  •  Photo opportunity with Hetty and Jollibee. Free fries, yum and coke float. 
  •  Weird moment like distracting people with the color of the outfit you wear. 
  • Sharing cake with Rubilyn, Sasha, Vanessa and Ryan.
  •  Knowing that someone is praying for you. It feels that a piece on heaven has been brought down to Earth. 
  •  Finding out that someone got married. She was one of the first batch that I got to teach. We even call each other Darla, the famous Darla of KrisTv. 
  •  Getting a free meal. More please.  
  • Exaggerated reactions from Wilmark. 
  •  Knowing that your efforts and restless nights will be worth it.  
  • Food trips and girl chats with gym buddies Kat and Jovy. 
  • Falling in love with the idea of not knowing what happen next.
Tomorrow is a big day. Always list the things that made you happy and thankful for the passing week.

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