Bus Reading: 03-07-17

10:00:00 AM

So, I went back to my hauling save button on facebook and tried to recall the list of links I saved that I think worth sharing. There's this link on the importance of film restoration. Also, an article that shares that we only fall in love with 3 people in our lifetime, each for a specific reason. Another link I saved: throwback photos of Justin Trudeau and a link I've saved is a link about 36 books to read if you want to become a billionaire.

Here are some of the links I've read in the past days:

We can sit inside the space of silence, in the vast vacuum of pain that rises relentlessly in us, and we can allow ourselves to feel, acknowledge, and experience everything. If we’re very still, open, and aware, we can learn from it.

I hope you’ll stop the hateful expressions and will never be disturbed and get tormented mentally by this gut-wrenching pain- that always made you think of fulfilling your desire of revenge. I hope you’ll stop that explosive wrath and have the corner of your mind a clean place so that hope will find its place in there and in your heart. Let those negative thoughts and feelings move out.

The mind is certainly a very mysterious organ … about which nothing whatever is known, though we depend upon it so completely. Why do I feel that there are severances and oppositions in the mind, as there are strains from obvious causes on the body? What does one mean by “the unity of the mind”? … Clearly the mind has so great a power of concentrating at any point at any moment that it seems to have no single state of being. It can separate itself from the people in the street, for example, and think of itself as apart from them, at an upper window looking down on them. Or it can think with other people spontaneously, as, for instance, in a crowd waiting to hear some piece of news read out.

Tell yourself that you're beautiful. You are wanted. It's not always about Cinderella. You don't have to wear those glass slippers if they're giving you blisters. Be comfortable in your own skin. Know that it's not about the waistline, the hair, the complexion, or even your cup size. You are appreciated.

People give them many different names. But in themselves, they have no names. When you are thinking, all things have different names and different shapes. But when you are not thinking, all things are the same. There are no words for them. People make the words. A cat doesn’t say, ‘I am a cat.’ People say, ‘This is a cat.’ The sun doesn’t say, ‘My name is sun.’ People say, ‘This is the sun.’

When you're going through bad days, when it gets hard to see beauty in the world, I will remind you every day of the wonders and magic of the world. I will hold a mirror in front of you and whisper tenderly in your ear, "See, that's beauty.

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