Gratitude Friday: 2wordsaday Collage

11:11:00 AM

Well, I stopped updating this blog for the two words a day project during the fourth day. I am continuing the project on instagram with the hashtag #2wordsaday, afterall, I guess it was an instagram project because I think it was the accessibility of the instagram app that turn the whole project fit for instagram. I know it is a Sunday but I'll be sharing the things made me happy last week.

Being consistent in doing a project in instagram.

Reading Eat, Pray, Love. Re-reading Tuesdays with Morrie.

New haircut.

Meeting new people.


Deciding something for yourself for the first time.

Going back to the your alma mater and knowing something has change. I was not able to see Maris though.

Getting back something you've once lost.

Going back to a familiar place.


Anyway, the past days were an eat pray love full of reading. I'll be busy reading books for now waiting for things to happen. Before I forgot things I created a collage for the first ten days of #2wordsaday. Today is the fourteenth day.

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