Personal: I am deactivating my Facebook Account

8:54:00 PM


I am deactivating my main facebook account. Maybe for 2 years or maybe for good. I do not feel safe anymore. I feel that anything that I will post will be used against me. I believe my social feed is a space for me to vent issues that I do not usually talk offline, a space to share thoughts about my experiences. But people have a funny way of twisting the things you post about, questioning your reality.
I am deactivating my main facebook account to keep myself safe and my own wellbeing from people who are at some point who do have time to stalk me and try to harm me emotionally. I am sharing this to let you know, I am being watched, and my experiences are used to character assassinate me. 

 I am deactivating my main facebook account. This is my own way of speaking up. This is me standing up for my own safety.

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